Pilgrim – a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.

FB_IMG_1514779716583-1.jpgI like the word journey – although the term is used so often in reality tv.  We talk about weight-loss journey, fitness journey, etc etc.

Despite the overuse of the word I wonder if I can just be a person who journeys.  The word journey has the same roots as “de jour” – day.   According to vocabulary.com from the Old French journee, meaning a days work or travel.  To travel from one place to another.

A friend recently commented that all of life is a pilgrimage.  Resonated with me.  In the mass one of the prayers is for God to “look with kindness on Your pilgrim church on earth”.

So I think I can be just a pilgrim, walking the path that many have walked before.  A part of the great story of humanity and our common home.

The Camino Francais is a 700km walk from St Jean Peid de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Santiago is St James in Spanish.  According to legend the bones of the Apostle St James are buried in the Cathedral in Santiago.

St Francis of Assissi is said to have walked this path.  And of course so many hundreds of thousands of others over the last 1500 years.  I am in fine company.  Lead on, St Francis!

The easier stairway
This is in Noosa National Park